Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer; Welcome Home

"In summer, the song sings itself." ~William Carlos Williams

The days have grown long, and the nights kissed by gentle mists. Our days are spent basking in Dolores Park or playing where the sky meets the shore meets the sea, and our nights are filled with laughter and love. The there is only one possible explanation, Summer has returned to San Francisco. It seems like years have passed since Summer last stalked the streets of Our Fair City, and the Bright Young Gentleman's Adventuring Society would like to cordially invite you to a welcome home celebration for everybody's favorite season.

Resident DJ Taco Tuesday
Our Esteemed Guest DJ Sidekick (Beat Pig)

Will be coaxing you on to the dance floor with their sultry beats

Manicured MC Brenden Shucart

will oversee the competition to find the evenings Dirtiest Gentleman

While those Dapper Dandies

Kevin Cheeseman 
Charles Hemphill
Danimal Oh,

charm your pants off!

Graphic Design by noted carnal currator...

Stephen Quinones

Flier Image created for the BYGAS by Artistic Impresario

Felix d'Eon (

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Natural Deliciousness

I'm pretty excited about tonight. Not only is it Joan River's birthday (oh! and my boyfirend's...), but tonight at OH! we will be giving away two tickets to the Hard French Pride party at Public Works.  And let's face it, you really, REALLY, want those tickets. You need them. You will do anything for them.

But put that hatchet away! We aren't asking you to kill anybody (yet). All you have to do to get your hands on those coveted little tickets to paradise is enter tonight's Best Smelling Pit Contest.

No deodorant.

No cologne.

Just your natural deliciousness.

See you tonight, Gentlemen