Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where I'll Be Drinking: MLK Weekend

Greeting Fellow Travelers! And brace your livers, this is gonna be a rough one.

Tonight at the Powerhouse is CHICKENBEAR; the in-between party for everybody in-between. Not only is it the birthday of my good friend Mica, but this is the spot where i'll be making my Go-Go boy debut... so come put some slip some dollars in my panties.

After that I'll be running down to Truck where the whole team at COCKTAILGATE is going to be Roasting Suppositori Spelling (bring a splash gaurd, 'cus this is gonna get messy).

And finally i'll be bringing it all home to the Honey Soundsystem's MLK&HNY where our favorite discaires will be joined by Ghostly International's Mike Servino. Just a room full of my favorite people, music to move my soul, and a dream...
lets see if my kidneys will hold up under the excitement.

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