Monday, January 10, 2011

Hindsight: Cocktailgate Jan/9 (Drama's Birthday)

(Trixie and Spaz getting their Heathers on)
Cocktailgate at Truck is almost always an awesome show, but this week's celebration of Drag Director Drama bin Laden's birthday was particularly delicious. Every number was a tribute to Drama. Either a number he had written, choreographed, or even in a few instances just a number that he had inspired. I was lucky enough to have a seat right up front, next to the birthday boy himself. And i got to experiance all the love and appreciation being showered in his direction. Not only that, but i was the beneficiary of a fair number of birthday shots that otherwise would have seen Drama in the hospital with a nasty case of food poisoning.
(Virginia Suicide gives us some live music realness)

(nothing good comes from shopping at Target)
It's not for nothing that Cocktailgate won Best New Drag Show in 2008. Suppositori Spelling (Spaz to her friends) Is a hilarious hostess, and a tireless performer. Not only that she knows how to curate a great show; mixing fresh new faces with veterans of the stage, and live musical performances alongside performance art pieces and traditional and experimental drag. Spaz calls the whole concoction "Guerrilla Drag" (and there are times you feel like you are in the presence of rebel fighters in lipstick and heels).

This show was extra special. Drama bin Laden is a huge part of our community, and it was plain for anyone to see that in his short time in Cloud City he's made a significant impact on the lives of everyone he knows.

(Trixie Carr shares her Rotisserie Booty)
By the second number i was pretty much in my cups, so i would feel right giving a break down of each number but i've selected some of the choicest of the pics..

(yes Drama, you.)

(did i mention there was pie?)

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