Monday, May 12, 2008

Jim Neal and the HRC

This post was going to be a blurb. Just a footnote in one of my local fag rags that caught my attention.

"Jim Neal, the former San Francisco resident running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, lost his Democratic primary race Tuesday, May 6 to his opponent, state Senator Kay Hagan.

The openly gay Neal placed second among five candidates, according to unofficial returns Wednesday. He netted 18 percent of the vote, while Hagan easily claimed victory with 60 percent of the ballots cast."

Awesome. Some Homo in North Carolina had the Big Brass Balls to run for the Senate. And against Libby Dole, who has Name recognition and a massive pile of loot to spend on the campaign. Big. Brass. Balls.

But the more i read and researched the more this was leaving a bad (and familiar) taste in my mouth. Firstly the bigwigs in the Democratic Party recruited Hagan to run against Neal who was the early favorite. They thought a woman would be a better challenger to Dole for her Seat. Fair enough.

But what about the Human Rights Campaign? An organization whos stated purpose is to advocate on behalf of the LGBT community and elect "fair-minded" individuals. Who did the HRC endorse? Nobody.

The Human Rights Campaign did not endorse Jim Neal. Even though his opponent is at best soft on gay rights. Even though he TROUNCED her in their one debate on every issues from Iraq, to gay rights.

Why didn't the HRC support Jim Neal? Because the HRC supports the status quo.

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