Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday: Friendsday

My buddy Jimmy Vogel (he of the eponymous zine) organizes a weekly picnic get together. Every Wednesday we get together to share food and stories, and watch the sunset over the hills to the west. Our little band of brothers is spread out, across the both the sprawl of Los Angeles and the vast empire of America. And the regular meet up provides a very welcome opportunity to bask in some community. We call it "Wednesday Friendsday," I look forward to it every week, and I get incredibly bummed when I have to miss it. A big part of the heartbreak is rooted in the sheer awesomeness of my friends. I am privileged to know some of the most talented and interesting homos in the world. And so many of my talented friends did interesting things in the last few weeks i thought I'd share.

First up a collaboration between between my friends, film maker Aron Kantor and Drag Diva Ambrosia Salad, and featuring some of San Francisco's most adorable boys. The video is an appreciation of Roisin Murphy's long ago leaked future single, 'Simulation.' and it's getting a lot of love all over the internets.

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