Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chick-fil-a Fall Out

The other day the president of the Atlanta based, eatery Chick-fil-a came out and explicitly said what many of us already knew; that his company funds "traditional marriage" (i.e. marriages with no gay people in them) causes all around the country, and then he said all our society's tolerance of homos and unwed mothers is gonna get us smote if we don't knock it off, The reaction within the infotainment sphere was swift and mostly predicable. Condemnation from the gay/liberal media eliets, and praise from the hatemongers err... "traditional values" crowd, with a few surprises (the mayor of Boston basically said "good luck getting those permits", And the Muppets reaffirmed their support of non-traditional relationships.)

(image from the Dallas Observer)

Of course after outrage come the inevitable calls to action. Which have range from the obvious (protest!) to the awesome ("gay-in"). Myself? I'm not sure that anything really needs doing besides not giving these ass-hats our money so they can turn around and use it to fund their propaganda, and warning our friends (and making a hilarious anti-commercial/music video set to the tune of a parodied 80's pop hit, and it's been done.).

 I appreciate when  my enemies come right out and tell me they hate me. Because it means I know who not to turn my back on. And even though, after a taste of the shit storm they released, the execs down at Chick-fil-a have decided they don't want to have political opinions any more. It doesn't matter, because every time I pass by a Chick-fil-a I'll remember that these are people who wish me and my community harm, and I will count myself lucky to know that. Not all of our foes are so obvious.

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