Friday, May 11, 2012

Top Six Marriage Equality Videos

I don't know how things are shaking out in the rest of the empire, but here in the Infinate Sprawl of El Ay all of the everyones are abuzz with President Obama's evolution back to position he had in 1995.

As tempted as I am to put on thick black glasses and wax cynically about the politics or the constitutional ramifications of the President's statement but this moment is just so sweet I want to savor it, like a delisious bittersweet cocholate chip cookie of equality. And when I eat cookies I usually like to nom down on a whole sleeve, and in that spirit I have have gathered together my six favorite marriage equality videos to be found on youtube.

#6 Missing You

I stumbled upon this sweet little story of transnational Circuit Love this year around Valentine's Day. A little reminder that one of the many rights we homos lack in the ability to fall in love with a citizen of a foreign land and keep them here in the States.

 #5 Republican Chokes Up at Marriage Equality Debate

This last February when the Washington State legislature took up the debate on marriage equality Republican Representative Maureen Walsh, from very conservative Walla Walla, joined the debate in favor of equality. She just couldn't conscious denying other human beings the same bond she shared with her late husband. Compassion is truly the best thing us humans have going for us.

#4 It's Time

This video from Australia comes to us from all the way back in November 2011. It is so good, I still cry every time i watch it. (ugh, like right now)

#3 It Could Happen To You

A stark reminder of how few rights we have when tragedy strikes the ones we love, this video made me very thankful for the excellent relationships we have with one another's families. Don't watch unless you've got a good ten minutes to weep at life's injustice.

#2 Keith Olbermann on Gay Marriage

This is what it means to have allies. Thank you Keith Olbermann for your empowering words after a crushing defeat. I will be forever thankful.

#1 Zach Wahls Speaks About Family

I don't know how anyone could have missed this one, the 19yo engineering student from Indiana who's lesbian moms raised so right i'm tempted to track them down and send them flowers. This is the most eloquent and passionate argument for marriage equality I've yet come across, and I can't wait for this kid to run for Senate or Governer, because he's exactly what this country needs.

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