Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Next Drag Superstar of the World

Just like thousands of queer families in homes and video bars all over the free world, last Monday night my friends and I gathered together to watch Ru Paul crown the next Drag Superstar Of The World.

It was a strangely emotional evening for me. Of course I was elated that the Queen i'd been rooting for all season, the spooky-chic Ms. Sharon Needles, captured the crown. More than any other lady-boy who has so far graced Ru Paul's runway, Ms. Needles' style of drag is closest to the San Francisco "Drag-as-performance-art" School that i "grew up" in. But the deliciousness of Ms. Needles' victory was made bittersweet with the realization that this was the last evening of a weekly ritual that had become very important to me.

(photo by the amazing Austin Young)

As my friend Vivvyanne Forevermore once told me  "Drag is our folk art," it's a celebration of style and glamour, and also camp and raunch. And it reflects us as a people; our fierce independence, our creativity, and our ability to wear many faces (a survival skill taught to many of us by the fists of bullies and the disapproving looks of our fathers). It is quintessential part of queer culture and RPDR showcases that, warts and all. And gathering together week after with my LA Family to share in this celebration of Queer Culture... It means the world to me, and I'm already excited about next season.

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