Monday, February 6, 2012

Recovery Music Matinee: Kate and Janelle

Every once in a while I come across one of those beautiful and heartwarming stories that makes me believe passionately in the mystical power of the internets. Long Story Short: Kate and Janelle, desperate to save their their beloved alma mater from shutting it's doors forever,apply their angelic voices to some Neko Case songs to draw attention and maybe help raise some money.

And who should discover them, but Neko Case. .

"Wow. That just made me bawl my eyes out. What beautiful singers. I'm not worthy," 

Ms. Case was so touched by the song that she invited our intrepid duo, and the crew who helped them film to her Dec 10th show in Kingston. Where she dedicated the last song to them and invited them back stage.

Because they had the courage to use their talents to fight for something they love.

I love living in the future.

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