Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Romney/Paul Rumors

Ron Paul is running the above add in Michigan blasting Rick Santorum as a "fake conservative" and the internets are abloom with speculation that Ron Paul is providing secret aid to the Romney campaign.

And frankly, the Romney campaign could use all the help it can get; the party he is hoping to lead to victory in November is demoralized, his campaign is spending more money than it's bringing in, and he's getting trounced in the polls by a sweater-vest wielding ass-hat whose name is synonymous with dirty butt-sex. To top it off poor Mittens has to go to Michigan and explain to the good people of Detroit that the Federal bailout of the auto industry was a Very Bad Idea even though the people of Michigan support it, Clint Eastwood supports it, and Mitten's himself very probably secretly supports it but doesn't have the balls to say so (i don't have anything to back that up, but at this point if Mitten's says something we all kind of assume he believes the opposite).

And Mitten's could certainly benefit from an alliance with the good doctor. He has to know that his three biggest vulnerabilities are his utter lack of enthusiasm from the base, the general disregard independents have for his flip-flopping, and his inability to go negative without hurting his already limited favorability numbers. Whereas Ron Paul's base is almost fanatically devoted to the candidate and his message, independent voters seem to regard the congressmen with the affection usually reserved for adorably curmudgeony old uncles, and Ron Paul's campaign has a history of effectively attacking their opponents without dinging the congressmen's numbers.

So what would be in such an alliance for Ron Paul? Well, while strictly speaking it isn't impossible for Ron Paul to capture his party's nomination (in a world where carpenters rise from the dead, anything is possible), it is very very very unlikely the Republicans will make him their standard bearer. But i'm not sure President of the United States is really a job Ron Paul wants. What Paul wants is influence. He wants enough delegates at the Republican convention to enshrine liberty, nonintervention, and fiscal responsibility within the Republican Party Platform. An alliance with Mitt could give him a seat at the table, a chance to shape policy, and maybe a cabinet position or a slot on the ticket for himself or his son, Rand. I don't know this for sure (despite my passionate and burning love for the good congressmen, he doesn't include me in any high level stratigic conversations) but my impression is that Ron Paul and his campaign are playing a long game, they are looking past this november to 2016 with an eye to shifting The United States off it's decades long course of decline.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Recovery Music Matinee: Justin Bond

This week's offering is a clip of the incomparable Mx. Justin Vivian Bond performing Carly Simon's classic ode to 1970's douchery, "You're So Vain."

Last night my Special Gentleman Friend and i got all dressed up and headed down to the Red Cat Theater and the Disney Concert Hall in down town LA, where it was our pleasure and our privilege to see Mx Bond read selections from v's new book, Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels, sing and tell some of the most hilarious-astonishing-riveting-brutal stories you've ever heard. V didn't sing "You're So Vain," but v did perform a brilliant selection of covers and songs from her two albums, Dendrophile and Pink-Slip, including Stevie Nicks' "Rhiannon" and this number...

It was kinda epic. If you've never seen Justin Bond perform, I insist that you do. I don't think i've ever seen a more captivating and charming story teller (excepting possibly the late Christopher Hitchens). Unfortunately last night was v's last LA show, but you have one last chance to catch Mx. Bond before v leaves California in San Francisco on the 23rd at the Great American Music Hall. Go.

On another note, today is President's Day here in The States, and I have a lot to say about the ongoing amazingness/clusterfuck that is the Republican nominating process. But i'll save that for tomorrow, and just leave you with this...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My first snarky thought was "I guess Circuit Queens feel love too," but my gay-on-gay prejudice withered in the face of this couples unrelenting adorableness. Happy Valentine's day, Yoav and Matthew, and best of luck to you.

[via Accidental Bear]

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recovery Music Matinee: Whitney Huston

I was never a huge Whitney Huston fan, but i always respected her. And if you grew up in the 90's, as I did, then you couldn't help but be exposed to her constantly. She was everywhere; all beauty, and grace, and a voice that could fill a cathedral.

She's gone now, and the world is all the lesser for it.

(Rest in peace, Ms. Huston)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Emotional Appeal for Equality

As you've probably heard, this has been a pretty stellar week for gay rights, with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals striking down Prop. 8, and the Washington State legislature voting in support of marriage equality.

My fella ran across this video of Republican Maureen Walsh's impassioned argument for equality.

And to top it off Ellen got targeted by some heinous house-frous, this is how she responded...

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Recovery Music Matinee: Kate and Janelle

Every once in a while I come across one of those beautiful and heartwarming stories that makes me believe passionately in the mystical power of the internets. Long Story Short: Kate and Janelle, desperate to save their their beloved alma mater from shutting it's doors forever,apply their angelic voices to some Neko Case songs to draw attention and maybe help raise some money.

And who should discover them, but Neko Case. .

"Wow. That just made me bawl my eyes out. What beautiful singers. I'm not worthy," 

Ms. Case was so touched by the song that she invited our intrepid duo, and the crew who helped them film to her Dec 10th show in Kingston. Where she dedicated the last song to them and invited them back stage.

Because they had the courage to use their talents to fight for something they love.

I love living in the future.