Monday, May 30, 2011


A big thank you to everyone who came out to support Adan and his AIDS Lifecycle adventure. Thanks to your support he met his goal, raising well over a thousand dollars.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where I'll Be Drinking

ADAN's LIFECYCLE FUNDRAISER PROMO from Stephen Quinones on Vimeo.

Summer is sneaking up on us, and San Francisco's Festival Season is already underway, which means the time has come to resurrect everybody's favorite column, "Where I'll Be Drinking," the definitive guide to where you will find propped up in a corner with my sunglasses on, Weekend at Bernie's style.

We're launching tonight with Go Bang! at the Deco Lounge, where i'm guest hosting for my queer big brother, Stephen You Guys. Go Bang! is a party for disco freaks, art school boys & girls, drag queens & kings, boogie-heads, fierce dancers, flashy dressers, sexy girls, hot boys, DJs, dancers, photographers, artists, fashionistas; gay/straight/bi/tri/what-have-you. If you've never been, you are missing out. Tonight is extra special because we'll be celebrating the birthday of the notoriously handsome and sexy Marc Sanchez (with whom i plan to flirt outrageously, all night long.). Don't blow your whole wad tonight though, because Sunday is gonna so full of booze-flavored-fun, you'll want to pack a second liver.

From four to eight at the Bearnstein House we are having a BBQ fundraiser for the very worthy cause that is Adan Aburto's AIDS Lifecycle ride. Adan is manning the grill, DJ Taco Tuesday is bringing the beats, and the Powerhouse has graciously helped to provide a keg. There will also be a raffle of truly fabulous prizes to sweeten the deal. Afterwards we are all headed to Honey Sunday at the Holy Cow, the discaires of the Honey Soundsystem and special guest Adnan Sharif will keep us bouncing 'til we all fall down. Be sure to sleep in tomorrow, you are gonna need the energy.

"...hard to get to know, and damn near impossible to forget,"

Godfather of Rap, King of the Aries, musician, poet, and pioneer; Gil Scott-Heron has left this world, and the world is less of a place for his leaving. R.I.P.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Portland, OR

The first thing you notice about Portland (besides the beauty and the abundance of bridges) is how much Portlanders love their city. Not in the slightly cynical way that San Franciscans love San Francisco, or the sad and overcompensating love the Oaklanders have for their town. Portlanders love of Portland verges on the religious, and when they talk about their lovely city that get that far-away look of rapturous joy that Christians who are really into-it get when they talk about the big JC.

There is, admittedly, a lot to love. The eats are some of the best i've ever had. period. not just at a handful of restaurants, but every single eatery, cafe, and food cast (of which their are thousands) is chock full organic and locally grown deliciousness (Bunk and Broder were two of my favorites). The city itself is so pretty its rude, and the surrounding countryside is even prettier. Portland's grid is very easy to navigate. The coffee is strong, the boys are adorable, and there is a bookstore that never ends.

She makes a very compelling argument, but she's not without her drawbacks. A car seems to be slightly more necessary here than in San Francisco, the job situation here is apparently just as perilous, and the weather is worse...

But she makes a VERY compelling argument.

Happy Rapture Everybody!

I kind of find myself hoping for it... at least rents would go down, right?