Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Even the Dirtiest of Gentlemen are not fueled by dapper clothes and clandestine dalliances alone; we all need a little something more.

And thats why the Bright Young Gentlemen's Adventuring Society is proud to present OH!sebud: the Very Romantic Party for the Dirty Gentleman. An evening of elegance and ambiance where you are sure to meet the Deviant Dandy of your dreams.

You will be welcomed at the door of your new love den by the dashing gentlemen

Kevin Cheeseman
Brenden Gregory

The soundtrack to your newly blossoming romance will be provided DJ's

Taco Tuesday
Nolita Selector

While your Tireless Hosts

Danimal Opdahl
Charles Hemphill

mix and mingle

All overseen by our Angelic Cupid Go Go Boys...

Flier by the amazing Felix Deon (

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