Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HNY: Appreciation

We come to Honey Sundays for many reasons. Some of us read about it's history-minded, community-oriented Discaires in the crisp pink pages of Butt Magazine, or the glossy leaves of Paper. For others it was a gift, shared by friends or beautiful strangers. Others yet we're brought in by chance, drawn in off the street by by the music, or a stray smile. However we found it, Honey Sundays got inside of us, became part of us. It is our 'Cheers,' a port in the storm where one is certain to see familiar faces and share an evening of laughter and conversation. It is the Church we come to, week after week. A cathedral of spirit, light, and sound where we put movement to music and touch the divine. We come to drink, and to flirt, to dance, and to play. We come to see old friends, and make new ones. We come to be alone with the music and our thoughts, or to share in our community. But week after week we come.

The Discaires of the Honey Soundsystem come back week after week for one reason; to see taunt bodies loosened, to see frowns turned into smiles, to watch empty dance floors filled with bodies that can't help but be moved by the music. They come back for us, and for the love that we show them.

And now they'd like to show us a little love in return.

The Boys at Honey know that many of their biggest fans and supporters are brilliant artists and performers in their own right. And on Sunday November 7th they'll be turning the spotlight on some of these very talented individuals for the First Annual HNY Appreciation Night.

Our regular crew of dedicated crate diggers will be joined by guest discaires RJ Sivulich and Douglas Hiller 

There will be live instrumentation of woods and winds by the classically trained Kevin Devine.

Virginia Suicide and Honey Mahogany will lend their sweet voices to HNY's golden sound 

And those incomparable talents, Glammamore and Vivvyanne Forevermore will share a stage and steal our hearts with guest surprises.

Visuals will be provided by the talented longtime supporter Chris Delbuck 

While world-wandering photographer, Robbie Sweeny, captures every moment for posterity.

The undisputed masters of the "Honey Dancefloor", Tisdale and Mattias, will work the GoGo boxes for your money and your love.

The Noble Negress herself, Artist Malcom Drake, will be giving readings all night (with and without cards).

Hard Frenching trouble-makers, Jorge and Tim, will be tending the Honey Garden 

Outside in the Honey Garden, Honey Bear, Aaron Wessels will be taking portraits in his Bearron photobooth 

And the rear hallway of the Holy Cow will be transformed into a gallery celebrating the works of such San Francisco luminaries as

Jody Jock
Keith Aguiar
Daniel Case
Parker Tilghman
Joel Tan
and Jeremy Novy

All the while your slightest whim will be seen to with geisha-like dedication by your Hostess for the evening, that most delicate of Eastern Blossoms, Miss April Mei Joon.

All proceeds of the door will be donated to the GLBT Historical Society
10pm - 2am // $3 
The Holy Cow // 1535 Folsom btw 11th & 12th

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Don said...

Amazing. Love the Honey boys for doing this for such a great cause.