Monday, November 15, 2010

Doble Awesome

Hello Travelers!

Last night's Doble Quinceanera was a huge success. Only Ambrosia Salad could take her drag-queen-envy of 15 year old girls and turn it into something magical, and fun for the whole community. The waltz was flawless. Ambrosia looked like an effing princess. It was seriously magical.

(not quite this magical)

And I'll be honest, when Ambrosia pitched this party to me I rolled my eyes and teased her for having an ego bigger than mine. And even though she was asking us to pay for our out fits, and rehearsals for the waltz meant time away from being on my deathbed i said yes (because i love her, and because now no matter what i do for my 30th birthday it's going to look totally reasonable.). But then the rehearsals started and i realized that i was being forced to spend time with 30 or so of my favorite people, none of whom i see as much as i should.

I don't have any great pictures from the actual event yet, but i do have some great ones from rehearsal...
Ambrosia began the first rehearsal by saying 'You will be judged'

Ali has the right moves

Sindri can bend time with his hands

Mica and Monistat are... not impressed

Jacob shows Sindri how it's done.

Thank you 'Brosia. Happy Birthday.

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