Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bug Chaser

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

I'm experiencing neigh Cheeseman-esque levels of enthusiasm this morning, so please excuse and instances of exclamation mark over-usage, or sudden declarations of "It sho GOOD!"

You see i've been cast in a short indie film (very short, 15min or so) called Bug Chaser. It is a horror/splatter/comedy about gay sex anxiety. I play a guy who makes an awful discovery whilst in the middle of a one night stand, and proceeds to make a series of very bad decisions.
it kinda looks like a butterfly

When the idea was first pitched to me i thought "gay-horror-splatter-sex-comedy? that sounds very easy to do very poorly," but i am pleased to report that all doubts have been left in the rear-view mirror. The script is both funny and horrifying, my co-actors are very talented, and the director has a very clear vision for the project.

Not only that, but we had the first day of shooting yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! (it sho good!!!)

I can't wait for tonight! Wish me luck.


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Brenden said...

Good Luck!