Friday, October 15, 2010

Where Is Your Messiah Now?

President Chocolate Jesus has done it again.

Yesterday, around four-o-clock, Obama's Justice Department filed a notice of appeal against U.S. Judge Virginia Philips' injunction to halt Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Apparently homosexuals are such alien deviants that fully integrating us into the military requires further 'study,'

Really? More study?

How much study could it possibly require?

We are the only western democracy in the world that doesn't allow gays to serve openly. Can't we just, you know, look around and see what they are doing?

Why don't we just ring up our good friend Israel and say 'Hey guys, you lets the homos have guns... anything we ought to know? They are ALSO willing to die for their country? You don't say? Thats fantastic! Thanks for the info, we'll see you at the next thirty rounds of peace talks,"


I just saved you five years and $30,000 worth of 'studies,'

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