Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solid Gold

Last night Vivvy and the gang at SOMETHING gave us 'Solid SOMETHING' their tribute to the Golden Age of Disco... and poop.

I was too far away from the stage at the beginning of the show to get any decent pictures, but it featured Vivvy preforming a disco rendition of Annie's "the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" and Jorge celebrating poop-sex.So perhaps we all win...

April Mae Joone broke gender barriers and took a well deserved moment of personal time.

Motha Chucka rocked out and taught us all a lesson about kitchen science.

 And Vivvy transformed into Viveen More´
Lady Bear stopped by to do battle with the undead, and plug All About Evil.
(where is Lady Bear's other Hand?)

Ambrosia Salad stopped by to plug her incredibly/awesomely self indulgent Doble Quinceanera.
And ended up doing battle with her own inner demons.

Other stuff happened, but i was distracted by cute boys and alcohol. Deal.

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