Thursday, October 21, 2010

Music In The Morning

In a way, Sufjan Stevens saved me.

I think I must have been in shock, because I don't remember much about the day I found out i had contracted HIV. I don't remember my friend picking me up from the doctor's office, I don't remember driving around Los Angeles, and I don't remember going to the record store.

But somehow when i walked in my front door i had three CD's in my hand, all from a man i'd barely heard of.

I shrugged my shoulders, loaded the discs into my CD player, packed a bowl and sat down on my floor.

I listened to all three albums (Seven Swans, Michigan, and Illinois), and when they were done i listened again and again.

Mr. Stevens became a comforting voice in the darkness. My only friend in a self imposed exile from the world of sunlight and human company.

He kept me from being lonely, when all i wanted was to be alone.

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