Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music In The Morning

Given my parents (and my my loves of both rebellion and psychonautica) i don't think it's any surprise that i consumed more than my fair share of Pink Floyd growing up. I went through a particularly intense period of Pink Floyd love my junior year of high school, right as i was figuring out i liked making out with dudes way more than i liked making out with chicks. And as a result 'The Wall' has always been a personal pride anthem. But this mash-up i found over at the Laughing Squid this morning is rocking my socks off.

It takes all the proud determination and defiance of 'The Wall' and really gays it up with disco-campy-goodness of the bee gees!

And i think maybe our queer little brothers and sisters could use some disco-campy-defiance... or something.

I need more Coffee.


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