Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flames, On The Sides of My Face

I love my mom a whole lot. In fact, i'd go as far as to say i'm a total momma's boy. I talk to her on the phone almost every day, she fills me in on the latest family gossip, and i tell her about my latest misadventures. We talk about everything.

Except for politics.

My mom isn't really capable of calm and reasoned debate; my mom FEELS things, passionately and with her whole being. Combine that with her weak heart... If my mom dropped dead while we were talking about the estate tax i'd never forgive myself.

Every once in a while she'll try and lure me into a conversation about something she has just seen on Fox News. I do my best to avoid these conversations, or to steer them into directions of consensus (you hate taxes mom? me too!) but every once in a while i have to put to politely inform her that we are done with a subject.

Like the other day she starts to tell me about this segment she saw on the O'rielly Factor, she was insistant that some San Francisco public official had been on to talk about the Mayor's plan to ban pet stores in the City.

"Mom," I said, "Thats ridiculous, even for Prince Gavin,"

But she was insistent, and i said i'd look into it.

Imagine my HORROR when i came across this little gem on the Uptown Almanac...

I hate you Prince Gavin, you forced me to agree with Bill O'Reilly, I hate you soooooooooooooo hard.


Tas said...

Frickin commie nazi socialist bastards!! What's next, a ban on poppers?

I do, however, support the ban on sugary sodas in vending machines *on city property*. I think it's fine for the city to set an example within the realms of things that it has de-facto control over. But they better not try to tell me what I can buy or sell or drink on private property.

Anonymous said...

Puppy and kitten mills are the main source of pet store sales. Imagine sticking your mom and O'Reilly in a cage to breed at your command for a profit. Ok, lets not. There are already enough idiots watching fox news.