Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy May 5th and stuff!

Hola Compadres, and happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm happy to be back in the City after two epic weeks of travel and family vacation. Thats right, EPIC. First i spent the loveliest possible week with my mom in SoCal: drinking wine, thrift store shopping, and watching procedural teevee (a guilty pleasure of mine and my mother's alike).

After that just about my whole friend-family gathered together at Short Mountain Sanctuary in Tennessee for Beltaine. It's become our yearly pilgrimage; a place for us to reconnect with each other and our community away from the pressures and obligations of life in the Pax Americana. I'll be writing a lot more in the coming days and weeks about SMS and it's place in my life, but for now please let me say that i've come home to California a changed man. I hope a better man. This week spent with my family and my tribe has helped me discover something i've longed for since i was fourteen years old and i realized there was no God.

My life has purpose.

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