Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking (ON MY BIRTHDAY!)

Holy shit! Did I just turn 29?



I've been soooooo busy lately with rehearsals, and promoting, and travel that I haven't even stopped to think about the fact that i'm not dead.

And when it comes to not being dead, well, i'm a big fan of that.

And if YOU are a big fan of me not being dead, this week provides nigh infinite opportunities for you to buy me a drink...

Tonight (tuesday) is Chaser: Shadefest2010. Monistat has talked Ambrosia Salad and Vivvyanne ForeverMORE into a three way, bare knuckle, battle to the death (in flawless face). I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday then watching three of my favorite Queens mercilessly cut each other down (in flawless face). And after the blood letting we can shake our booties to DJ Stereogamus.

Tomorrow night (wednesday) I hope you can join myself and the rest of the Bright Young Gentlemen at OH! our new monthly party at the Power House. Last month's party was more fun than should be allowed by law; all of my favorite people, in my favorite bar, drinking and laughing and flirting... with cravats! Awesome, right?

Thursday night my air-band, Ambrosia and the Bearnstiens, is once again headlining Art Attack. Our Fat Fame Monster Tour brings all the tasty air-band magic that you've come to expect from us adorable, attention-whoring scamps; costumes! guest stars! card board instruments! and MORE! Take it from me, this show is gonna be kinda epic. 5$ all night, We go on at midnight, but come early, there are a lot of great performers lined up.

Friday night at 7pm we have a meeting everybody's favorite radical queer book club, The League of Burnt Children. This is the first meeting for the new book, THE COLOR OF SUMMER [Another Garden of Earthly Delights] by REINALDO ARENAS. There will be snacks, wine, intelligent conversation with handsome and charming gentlemen. And at 8 there will be a screening of Before Night Falls, a great movie about Arenas' life.

Afterwards we'll be trotting over to the Stud for SOMETHING Presents:

Ye Olde THING: A Drag Renn. Faire. Thats right boys and girls, Vivvy and the gang are bringing you fist-fulls of mead-swigging, dragon-slaying, Queen-loving realness. At this point i think it's safe to say that SOMETHING is consistently the best drag show in The City. Get into it.

Save some energy for saturday, my little lushes, because the gentlemen from HomoChic have something special in store for you: INTERLACE Music by three my favorite local DJs (DJ PeePlay, Kendig, and Malaki). And the presentation of three very special projects, DJ PeePlay's HNYSNDSYSTM Compilation BROTHERHOOD, Leo Herrera's "Marilyn" music video, starring Amanda Lepore. And Allan Herrera's style website the HOMO Atelier (co-designed by Ernesto Sopprani)

I could lie and say i'm going out Sunday, but my liver is going to be so scarred at this point i'm going to need all of May to recover.

Happy Birthday to me!

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