Friday, April 23, 2010

I Want Your Love

I mentioned a while ago that i had been cast in a short film written and directed directed by Travis Matthews (the director of the amazing 'In Their Room' series). Well it came out today, and i'm really proud of it.

Before i show it to you all i have to warn you.

I have sex in this movie. Not porn-sex, nothing glossy, or hard, or fake.

It's tender-funny-hopeful-loving-friend-sex.

If you've had it, then you know what i'm talking about (if you haven't, my condolences).

So if you are at work, or under the age of 18, or any member of my family who isn't prepared to see me get it on with another dude, PLEASE do not watch this.

That being said...


I'm not sure whether or not its 'porn,' is Shortbus? is Barbarella? I don't think any of them are, but wiser men than I have tried to define pornography (with mixed results).

Either way, i'm proud of it.


ChaCha said...

awesome. well done.

Kitten Draper Calfee said...

OMG that's one of the sweetest most wholesome things I've ever seen. Very fabulous dose of hot realness, darlings, you should be very proud! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I love it :-) m

Anonymous said...

Brendan! Saw the clip and ordered the movie from Amazon that same day. Can't wait to see it. And you.

jp gold said...

You should be proud of it. I thought it was amazing. Forgot it was a work of fiction as I watched it. I don't know if it can really be considered pornography,but if it is it's porn for the hopeless romantic imho.