Monday, February 15, 2010

The Full 180

I'm happy to report that despite the total funk under which i started yesterday, my Valentine's day turned out to be pretty effing wonderful.

My impossibly awesome roommate, Squirrel, bought us tickets to see Justin Bond's tribute to the Carpenters at the Castro Theater. I'm not a huge Carpenters fan, I've always found their music to be a little... lame. But focused through the lens of Justin Bond i found my self honestly moved during the songs and laughing out loud between them.

After the show Squirrel and I zoomed over to Truck to catch the tail end of Cocktailgate where i played witness to the most delightfully unspeakable use of peanut butter i've ever seen.

Then we were off to Honey, where i DANCED. I dancedanddancedanddanced until they turned on the lights. Now, I've known Honey DJ, DJ Pee Play, for a long time. Last night might have been the best set of his i've ever had the privilege to move to. In fact every set he has been playing in the last few months have been great, but last night i couldn't make myself sit down.

Afterwards there was an after party at my friend Aaron's (absolutely beautiful) home in the SOMA. It was one of those evening where everyone was happy and laughing and just kind of happy to be there. I finally had to pull myself away so i could get to sleep before work this morning. I have to say, feeling a little beat today is a completely fair price to pay for the epic time i had with my best friends last night.

I'm a lucky boy, i should keep that in mind next time i feel low.

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