Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ba! Humbug!

I like being single, i honestly do.

I like doing what i want, when i want to do it. I like that i don't have to answer to anybody, or tell anyone where i've been.

I like being free.

And i really thought Valentine's Day was going to be no big deal for me, It's just a day that involves a lot of pink and red, and i love pink and red!

It's just... There is so much going on today. And all my friends are putting so much pressure on me to go out and participate in all these little adventures.

Like we have to PROVE how much fun we can have without partners. And it keeps becoming a bigger and bigger deal, with more events and obligations.

I just keep thinking 'FUCK, Doesn't being single on Valentine's Day ABSOLVE one from pressure?'

The whole thing is starting to make me feel really lonely.

I guess i shouldn't be to hard on myself; it's natural to feel a little lonely on Valentine's day.

But if i have to feel this lonely, i think i'd rather be alone.

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darwin said...

when the pressure to have fun on Valentines Day as a single is more than it is when you are in a couple, that sucks.

And i know how you feel about the pressure to have fun "in spite of" from people.

It is weird, i really wouldn't even think about it except for the fact that other people bring it up (usually my single friends because um, most of my friends are single, i guess) But really, it really just is another day...and as long as you are around people you love...valentines day isn't just for romantic love, it is for all love.

I hope your loneliness abated. I also hope that Stanley's club was fun on Monday, i heard it was. I should have gone.