Friday, February 5, 2010

And Now, A Brief Word From Our Sponsor

There used to be a bar here in Cloud City called The Transfer. And every tuesday night at The Transfer there was a great little party called 'Chilidog' thrown by my friends, stephen and stanley.

Chilidog was basically my Cheers.

I was there just about every week drinking and dancing until they forced my ass from the bar.

Then the Sad Times came, The Transfer closed its doors (only to reopen as the distinctly HORRID Bar on Church) and Chilidog got moved to the Triple Crown. But it was just never the same...

But now the team that brought us Chilidog is back with VIENETTA, monday nights at underground SF.

and its FREE.

I couldn't possibly be more excited.

(The old Vienetta commercial is below)

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