Friday, February 26, 2010

Queer: Theory

Last night i saw 'DON'T FEEL: The Death of Dahmer' at MCVF.

I'm sitting here looking at a blank screen because i don't even know what to say.

It was an hour of some of the most brutal and gut wrenching performance i've ever seen in San Francisco.

Evan Johnson is terrifyingly transcendent as Jeffery Dahmer. He builds this frightening, manic, self destructive energy and maintains it through the whole show. He so embodied the subject that he made me seriously uncomfortable, (and Evan is a friend of mine).


Go see it, this is the last weekend.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life in Cloud City

Here is one more good reason to avoid The Beast Bay.

Those of you freaking out regarding the possible year long closure of Dolores Park, please chill out. It ain't gonna happen (largely because Bevan Dufty wants to be Mayor so bad.), but if you want to vent there will be a public meeting next week.

And speaking of our next mayor, his vote is crucial in deciding whether or not not to rob property owners of their rights.

Analog tweets are the MUNI art of the moment.

And speaking of MUNI, apereantly our (much needed) Central Line might not be the sure thing that it was last week.

Hey everybody! Look at Kirsten!

Music in the Morning

My roommate/best homie Kevin is a total morning person. Me? Not so much (as i'm sure any of my long suffering exboyfriends would only be too happy to attest).

But this morning in the shower, in the middle of cursing every clock that ever existed for not starting at noon, i realized how unpleasant my precoffee mentality is for everyone i love.

So, loofah in hand, i made the conscious decision to be in a really good mood by the time i got to the kitchen... and i totaly almost succeeded.

And as a reward Kevin shared this awesome little gem with me...

Thank you Kevin!!! i'm already completely obsessed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post VD Wrap up

I just found this great video of Justin Bond from the the Valentine's show...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meanwhile, Back in America...

Meg Whitman wants to be 'CEO of California,'

President Obama has seen the future, and that future is nuclear.

Kevin Smith is 'not too fat to fly'

Hil-Dog won't leave the county if Palin is elected President (but i might).

Ann Coulter is a crazy person (duh).

oh! And Rachel Maddow will cut a bitch.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life in Cloud City

So, i guess this weekend was IBR, and i didn't even notice. Oops.

MUNI has all of the thrill of a roller coaster with out the illusion of safety.

Benjamin Wachs gives up.

Melissa Griffin is pretty sure the Mayor is running for Lt. Governor, though a few days ago she was pretty sure he wasn't.

Joe Eskenazi thinks the time is right.

The Full 180

I'm happy to report that despite the total funk under which i started yesterday, my Valentine's day turned out to be pretty effing wonderful.

My impossibly awesome roommate, Squirrel, bought us tickets to see Justin Bond's tribute to the Carpenters at the Castro Theater. I'm not a huge Carpenters fan, I've always found their music to be a little... lame. But focused through the lens of Justin Bond i found my self honestly moved during the songs and laughing out loud between them.

After the show Squirrel and I zoomed over to Truck to catch the tail end of Cocktailgate where i played witness to the most delightfully unspeakable use of peanut butter i've ever seen.

Then we were off to Honey, where i DANCED. I dancedanddancedanddanced until they turned on the lights. Now, I've known Honey DJ, DJ Pee Play, for a long time. Last night might have been the best set of his i've ever had the privilege to move to. In fact every set he has been playing in the last few months have been great, but last night i couldn't make myself sit down.

Afterwards there was an after party at my friend Aaron's (absolutely beautiful) home in the SOMA. It was one of those evening where everyone was happy and laughing and just kind of happy to be there. I finally had to pull myself away so i could get to sleep before work this morning. I have to say, feeling a little beat today is a completely fair price to pay for the epic time i had with my best friends last night.

I'm a lucky boy, i should keep that in mind next time i feel low.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ba! Humbug!

I like being single, i honestly do.

I like doing what i want, when i want to do it. I like that i don't have to answer to anybody, or tell anyone where i've been.

I like being free.

And i really thought Valentine's Day was going to be no big deal for me, It's just a day that involves a lot of pink and red, and i love pink and red!

It's just... There is so much going on today. And all my friends are putting so much pressure on me to go out and participate in all these little adventures.

Like we have to PROVE how much fun we can have without partners. And it keeps becoming a bigger and bigger deal, with more events and obligations.

I just keep thinking 'FUCK, Doesn't being single on Valentine's Day ABSOLVE one from pressure?'

The whole thing is starting to make me feel really lonely.

I guess i shouldn't be to hard on myself; it's natural to feel a little lonely on Valentine's day.

But if i have to feel this lonely, i think i'd rather be alone.

Friday, February 5, 2010

And Now, A Brief Word From Our Sponsor

There used to be a bar here in Cloud City called The Transfer. And every tuesday night at The Transfer there was a great little party called 'Chilidog' thrown by my friends, stephen and stanley.

Chilidog was basically my Cheers.

I was there just about every week drinking and dancing until they forced my ass from the bar.

Then the Sad Times came, The Transfer closed its doors (only to reopen as the distinctly HORRID Bar on Church) and Chilidog got moved to the Triple Crown. But it was just never the same...

But now the team that brought us Chilidog is back with VIENETTA, monday nights at underground SF.

and its FREE.

I couldn't possibly be more excited.

(The old Vienetta commercial is below)

Music in the Morning

This is, hands down, my favorite band in the world. I would like to think that everybody has a band or an artist that they grow with, who's albums dovetail neatly with the narrative of their life. For me, Rilo Kiley is that band.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You Grammar Nazi!

I got schooled in the use of the semicolon today. And in a (failed) attempt to support my (incorrect) usage I came across this little slice of awesome. And it's for sale! This kind of thing makes me want to have children so i can put it up in their room.

After these messages...

god, i love that jackie beat.

If you haven't seen the propaganda that this is a spoof of it's here.

This nice lady will tell you why high fructose corn syrup is a bad idea.

Life in Cloud City

My Friend(dly acquaintance), Deven, has received a singular honor.

And absolutely everybody is up in arms over Dolores Park's two year hiatus during renovations.

(but perhaps there are some alternatives)

If you were hoping to get educated this summer... tough.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Music in the Morning

I know i'm a little late to the party on this one, But i've completely fallen in love with this song and this band. It doesn't hurt that the video is a beautiful love letter to San Francisco. (though the X-rated version is much hotter)