Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking

TRACES HomoChic.com Season 4 Opening Event Flyer from HomoChic.com | Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

I have a secret confession: getting wasted has been sounding like a worse and worse idea lately. Maybe it's because every time i do somebody takes a picture of me that might be described as 'less then flattering,' or maybe i'm just getting older (insert uncomfortable laughter here). But whatever the reasons are, it's been a little difficult to pull myself away from my awesome new apartment/room. With that being said there is a cornucopia of E ticket events this week that i am loath to miss regardless of my my alcohol consumption...

Tomorrow night is INFATUATION @ Vessel (which is a space i really dig, despite the throngs of marina girls often coke-whoring up the place). The line up includes Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair, and my homie DJ Pee Play of the Honey Sound System. I'm told if you mention the name 'Tyson' at the door cover is only $5.

Friday brings a very special SOME THING, hosted by Hoku Mama Swamp. I know it's only the third SOME THING, but this party has really been rocking my balls off.

Friday is also the night of DJ Nikita's birthday party. Nikita has been one of my favorite DJs in The City ever since he had me dancing until dawn a few years ago in the Comfort and Joy tent at Burning Man (boy knows his beats).

And finally Saturday evening brings us Traces: a Gentleman's Powder Room from the boys at HomoChic. This is going to be HomoChic's 'Season Four' premier party, and an event not to be missed (these boys take their partying seriously).


darwin said...

whew, i was hoping it was not one of my photos that were unflattering (and if i did manage to take one, i doubt i would post it, wink)

Icarus said...

lets face it, i have no one to blame but my own self.