Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking

I have a confession to make (no, i haven't become a feeder twink). I said some thing about calming down after NYE, but that hasn't really happened. In fact it's pretty much been one adventure after another. And it looks like the week ahead is gonna be no different...

Tonight is TOO MUCH! at MCVF which will feature ten solid hours of queen performance 'from 5 minute line dances to 3 hour makeout sessions, from ritual memorial to punk disruption, from 6 minute stop animation video to 60 minute dance-performance,' starting this afternoon at 2pm. Rumor has it birthday girl Vivvyanne Froevermore will be in attendance, and yes, cash is a perfectly acceptably present.

And of course Honey is tonight at the Paradise Lounge. $8 beer bust from 9 until 11, and resident DJ's Ken, Jacob, Josh, and Robot bring the beats that keep you on your feet(s).

Over at Cocktail Gate Spaz and company are presenting The King is Dead, which was originally pitched as a tribute to three Capricorn kings; Jesus, Elvis, and Martin Luther King Jr. But has ballooned into a celebration of every dude who has ever had a crown on his head.

The Capricorn tributes continue on into Wednesday when we'll be gathering at the Space Gallery from 9 until midnight for my friend Paige's birthday.

And afterwards i'll be stumbling over to Booty Call where the impossibly awesome Eric Shutterslut is the guest photographer (he always manages to find some cute angle on me, no matter how trashed i get, well... except for the pic at the top of the page, but thats not really his fault.)

Thursday Handbook is having a launch party for their January issue @ Eros (confession: i've never been to Eros, weird.)

And Friday bring the much anticipated Some Thing

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