Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in Cloud City

I made it Anna Conda's fundraising event at truck last night, but i have very little to report (other then 'i like whisky very much,' and 'Anna Conda never fails to look elegantly put together,') because the peculiar ethics laws of San Francisco (which i would look up and link too... except i'm hung over, so go find it yourself ) mean that candidates for Supervisor may start fund raising well before they are even allowed to hint at their platform...

I will repeat for those of you who were struck with temporary amnesia by the sheer stupidity of that.

Candidates for San Francisco Supervisor are allowed to start raising money weeks before they are allowed to discuss where they stand on this issues. In fact they HAVE to start fundraising as soon as possible if they want to stay competitive with their competitors.

so... what? we just trust our gut?

Well my gut didn't give me any guidance, except to the bar. Where ordered whiskey.

Damn i love whiskey.

p.s. i stole the pic at the top of this entry from Ms. Conda's FB page, 'cus all the pics i took last night SUCKED.

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