Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking

TRACES HomoChic.com Season 4 Opening Event Flyer from HomoChic.com | Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

I have a secret confession: getting wasted has been sounding like a worse and worse idea lately. Maybe it's because every time i do somebody takes a picture of me that might be described as 'less then flattering,' or maybe i'm just getting older (insert uncomfortable laughter here). But whatever the reasons are, it's been a little difficult to pull myself away from my awesome new apartment/room. With that being said there is a cornucopia of E ticket events this week that i am loath to miss regardless of my my alcohol consumption...

Tomorrow night is INFATUATION @ Vessel (which is a space i really dig, despite the throngs of marina girls often coke-whoring up the place). The line up includes Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair, and my homie DJ Pee Play of the Honey Sound System. I'm told if you mention the name 'Tyson' at the door cover is only $5.

Friday brings a very special SOME THING, hosted by Hoku Mama Swamp. I know it's only the third SOME THING, but this party has really been rocking my balls off.

Friday is also the night of DJ Nikita's birthday party. Nikita has been one of my favorite DJs in The City ever since he had me dancing until dawn a few years ago in the Comfort and Joy tent at Burning Man (boy knows his beats).

And finally Saturday evening brings us Traces: a Gentleman's Powder Room from the boys at HomoChic. This is going to be HomoChic's 'Season Four' premier party, and an event not to be missed (these boys take their partying seriously).

Updates and Dreamscapes

I know i haven't been on here a lot lately. In fact if this blog was a three year old child protective services would snatch it away from me for neglect.

(which reminds me of the dream i had last night. My mom and her ((non existent)) husband left me in charge of their ((non existent)) three year old child. He was awesome and curious and sweet; I found myself completely taken by the adorable little guy. Everything was fine until the creature pulled itself out from under the ((non existent)) house. It was a terrible thing. Small, dark, and so very hungry. It saw my ((non existant)) little brother and bent itself backwards, and pulled itself inside out until the only way to tell the two apart were the creatures tiny needle teeth.

It chased us and we ran. All through the night it was snapping at my heels, my little brother crying in my arms. I could feel its hunger and it's loneliness, and finally ((out of desperation)) i threw it a handful of raw hamburger. It was still hungry so i gave it the entire contents of my parents refrigerator; pork chops, lamb shank, duck, and lobster. And when it had eaten it's fill the thing with my brother's face climbed into my lap and fell asleep sucking it's thumb.

I woke up before my parents got home. I'm not sure how i would have explained how a monster took the face of their child, or how i came to love the little beast. But i digress...)

The fact of the matter is i've been more then a little distracted with getting myself moved into my new place and the hundred and fifty little projects i've signed myself up for... but i thinking i'm finding a natural rhythm for myself in my new digs. So you will be reading a lot more from me (whomever you might be).

Friday, January 15, 2010

Life in Cloud City

MUNI is talking about jacking-up prices, service cuts, and 'labor concessions' (AGAIN!?!?!?). It makes me so angry i want to spit blood.

People have an over simplified view of history.

Treasure Island's eco-plan is about $60 million short. oops.

And because we have no real problems the mayor feels free to spend his time focused on cellphones.

Despite it's many faults This is still the most beautiful city in the whole fucking world.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Homochic is launching season 4 with Traces, a 'gentleman's powder room,' January 30th at 222 Hyde.

TRACES HomoChic.com Season 4 Opening Event Flyer from HomoChic.com | Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

Life in Cloud City

The Eagle is apparently up for grabs.

The Transbay Transit Center inches tword reality.

The citizens of San Francisco regularly indulge in behavior that would completely horrify your grandparents.

Homos live (and play) in the Mission.

Speaking of Homos, we're more then just 'roommates,'

The internets just barely work.

Vote, see if anyone cares.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking

I have a confession to make (no, i haven't become a feeder twink). I said some thing about calming down after NYE, but that hasn't really happened. In fact it's pretty much been one adventure after another. And it looks like the week ahead is gonna be no different...

Tonight is TOO MUCH! at MCVF which will feature ten solid hours of queen performance 'from 5 minute line dances to 3 hour makeout sessions, from ritual memorial to punk disruption, from 6 minute stop animation video to 60 minute dance-performance,' starting this afternoon at 2pm. Rumor has it birthday girl Vivvyanne Froevermore will be in attendance, and yes, cash is a perfectly acceptably present.

And of course Honey is tonight at the Paradise Lounge. $8 beer bust from 9 until 11, and resident DJ's Ken, Jacob, Josh, and Robot bring the beats that keep you on your feet(s).

Over at Cocktail Gate Spaz and company are presenting The King is Dead, which was originally pitched as a tribute to three Capricorn kings; Jesus, Elvis, and Martin Luther King Jr. But has ballooned into a celebration of every dude who has ever had a crown on his head.

The Capricorn tributes continue on into Wednesday when we'll be gathering at the Space Gallery from 9 until midnight for my friend Paige's birthday.

And afterwards i'll be stumbling over to Booty Call where the impossibly awesome Eric Shutterslut is the guest photographer (he always manages to find some cute angle on me, no matter how trashed i get, well... except for the pic at the top of the page, but thats not really his fault.)

Thursday Handbook is having a launch party for their January issue @ Eros (confession: i've never been to Eros, weird.)

And Friday bring the much anticipated Some Thing

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in Cloud City

I made it Anna Conda's fundraising event at truck last night, but i have very little to report (other then 'i like whisky very much,' and 'Anna Conda never fails to look elegantly put together,') because the peculiar ethics laws of San Francisco (which i would look up and link too... except i'm hung over, so go find it yourself ) mean that candidates for Supervisor may start fund raising well before they are even allowed to hint at their platform...

I will repeat for those of you who were struck with temporary amnesia by the sheer stupidity of that.

Candidates for San Francisco Supervisor are allowed to start raising money weeks before they are allowed to discuss where they stand on this issues. In fact they HAVE to start fundraising as soon as possible if they want to stay competitive with their competitors.

so... what? we just trust our gut?

Well my gut didn't give me any guidance, except to the bar. Where ordered whiskey.

Damn i love whiskey.

p.s. i stole the pic at the top of this entry from Ms. Conda's FB page, 'cus all the pics i took last night SUCKED.

Nerd Porn: Kick Ass

I am SO excited about this. Honestly, how could I not be?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Confessions of a Feeder Twink

Feeder Porn Vol 1: The Ginger - dir by Leo Herrera from Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

My friend, Leo Herrera, has a confession to make...

"I love a man with fat rolls I can swipe a credit card through. I love to watch him eat my cooking and then rim him till my eyes burn with spit. I spend hours watching Rubenesque cherubs stick homemade dildos up their butt on Xtube and drool when Guy Fieri stuffs burgers down his throat on the Food Network. It's been a long journey to admit it, but here it goes: My name is Leo and I want to be a chubby chasing, power top, rim pig, feeder twink."

The boy in the video is Leo's boyfriend Josh (aka 'The Ginger, or 'the Ginger Cub') and the thing that strinkes me about this video is how loving it all is. You can see it in every angle, how Leo adores Josh... (i'm feeling disgustingly romantic this morning). Anyway check out the full confession over at Butt Magazine, and you can see more of Leo's work at HomoChic.com

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where I'll Be Drinking

Hi Everybody! And welcome to a whole new year, a whole new decade. This year i attacked NYE with a zeal often only seen in pre-crash rock stars and Penn State frat boys, so i hope you will understand if i keep my outing to a minimum this week.

Tomorrow night (Sunday) The Family will be gathering at Honey Sunday, the weekly "gay witch disco kidnapping" for cocktails and the sharing of war stories.

Friday Anna Conda is launching her campaign for District Six Supervisor with a meet n' greet/ fundraiser at Truck, 5:30 to 8pm. I'm going to take the opportunity to get to know the candidate a little bit better and get a sense of what she stands for.

Saturday from 2pm til midnight MCVF will be an epic 10 solid hours of queer performance "featuring emerging and established artists, video, a dinner hour, a make-out room, and a dance party. Co-produced with and staged at Mama Calizos Voice Factory. Co-curated by Julie Phelps, Keith Hennessy, and Dwayne Calizo," It'll be $10 all night.