Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

That might come as a surprise to some, atheistic radical homo that i am., but i effing love Christmas. I love it all. Christmas carols, the decorations, Santa Claus... other than Halloween, i think it might be my absolute favorite holiday.

Some of my friends find something incongruous about my love of Yule and my lack of interest in the nativity of Big Baby Jesus, but for me this is a time that transcends religion. It is a time for community, and family. And a time when i get to spoil the people i love in lots of little ways. But the best part is the time i get to spend with my mom.

Every year on Christmas Eve (or sometimes the night before, depending on ticket prices) I fly down to Palm Springs; my mom picks me up from the airport and she fills me in on the latest family drama while do my best to pay attention to stories about aunts, uncles, and cousins i haven't seen in a decade.

When we get back to my mom's place we crack open a bottle of wine and hang out talking and listening to christmas music until dinner time. Every year we have cracked crab, garlic bread, ceasar salad, and cold asparagus (dessert is always provided, but actually eating it after the mountains of crab bred and butter is usually a task i'm simply not up to). After dinner we stay up until midnight and open presents, a hold over from the days when i split Christmases between my mom's house and my dad's, and then we call it a night.

Christmas Day is all about watching holiday movies and drinking wine until we're stupid. My mom has a soft spot in her heart for schlockey, Lifetime Network, made-for-teevee movies where every third actor is a once-was who hasn't had a paying gig since The Facts of Life. My tastes tend to run a little... different.

Here are some of my favorites:

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:

The story goes like this: Martians kidnap Santa (and, inexplicably, two obnoxious apple cheeked little kids who by all rights should have been shoved out an airlock way before reaching the Red Planet, no one would care) because Martian children have no one to bring them presents... seriously. You'd think they could just hire somebody... I feel it's only fair to warn you that it's really, really bad unwatchable. But the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version is a classic (though as always with MST3K, a little weed goes a long way).

Mixed Nuts:

This priceless little gem from the early nineties takes place at a suicide prevention hotline on Christmas Eve. It's got a (90's) all star cast, including  Steve Martin, Rita WilsonAnthony LaPagliaGarry Shandling and Adam Sandler. Critics hated it, audiences hated it, and when i made my brother take me st see it in the theater, he hated it. Why should you watch it? Two words: Madeline Kahn.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

I don't think that that there is anyone from my generation who hasn't seen and been deeply affected by Tim Burton's dark fairytale about Jack Skelington (King of the Pumpkin Patch) and his obsession with Christmas.

You've seen this movie. And if you haven't you are probably in your sixties. Get into it.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it. This is the best film adaptation of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol ever next to which all others are a steaming pile of crap (you here that Muppets?! I'm looking at you.). The always genius Bill Murray plays Frank Cross, a modern day (well, 80's modern) Scrooge in the form of a heartless television executive. His gradually building nervous break down as he's tortured by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, along with a Danny Elfman score make the movie. Also it's fun example of how accepted ruthlessness and base ambition were in the eighties.


Okay. So if I had to pick a favorite movie based solely on the number of times i've seen it, it would have to be Go! Not only did my friend Amy and I see it thirteen times in the theater (honest) but i have owned 4 different copies of the DVD. It follows three interrelated groups of characters oe Christmas Eve as they (knowingly or not) navigate the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong. It is fast paced and hillarious, with possibly the best soundtrack of any 90's movie.

A Christmas Story:

This movie doesn't really require any explanation on my part. If by some strange turn of events you've never seen it (perhaps you were launched into space in the early eighties, and are just now returned to earth?) just wait until next year; TBS plays it back-to-back for 24 hours every Christmas.

The Lion in Winter:

You think your family is effed up? I promise you look like the Cleavers compared to these people. Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn star as  the King and Queen of England, King Henry Plantagenet and Eleanore of Aquitaine, respectively. They along with their children and the king of France gather one Christmas to plot with and against one another for the future of the crown of England. PLEASE don't let the fact that this is a historical drama dissuade you from seeing it. The characters are rich and the dialogue is so fast and witty it will leave you with blisters. This one earned all three of its Oscars.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Music In The Morning: PJ Harvey

This album is all tied up in you.

(In me and you.)

Why can't we let each other go?

When will we stop pushing one another away?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

Today (December 1st) is World AIDS Day. If you didn't get me a present, don't worry about it. Lots of people who have HIV/AIDS don't even know that there is a World AIDS Day, let alone when it's observed. But basically it was thought up in the late eighties by a handful of United Nations bureaucrats in an attempt to focus a little more attention on the AIDS pandemic. They picked December 1st for the special day because it falls between election season and Christmas, a dead zone in the news cycle. And I suppose it has been effective as far as these things go. Health officials recite statistics, presidents make speeches, and popes pray for healer and sinner alike. But as to how the rest of us can best observe this awkward semi-holiday... I have no useful suggestions.

Some of my friends are doing really useful stuff, like volunteering with organizations such as Project Open Hand. Others suggested i pack a picnick basket and spend the day at the Memorial Grove, and spend the day remembering those who came before. At least one of my friends told me he plans to host a small orgy for a few of his HIV positive friends and work out a little sexual healing (to which I was not invited.). All fine ways to spend a day, but I'm finding it very difficult to do anything but brood.

A few evenings back i was experiencing... (despite a thorough racking of my brain i can't think of a classy way to say 'horniness,' all i came up with was 'certain urges' which sounds really creepy and unwholesome) and i decided to log on to one of the approximately 10,000 gay cruising sites to be found on the internets. The specific site is unimportant, none of them are in any way classy. Suffice to say it is a fairly main-stream one that is very popular amongst my peers. Not long after stepping out into the digital meat market i got hit with a chat request from someone who's handle was something to the effect of PozCuriousStreamofnumbers. He was handsome enough, though not really my cup of tea. And the conversation pleasant, if not thrilling. I was just about to beg my leave of him when, apropos of nothing, he asked me to infect him with HIV.

I was without words. All i could think to type after staring blankly at my screen for a very brief eternity was 'are you serious?' He assured me that he was, in fact, very serious. He said that he was tired of being afraid of catching HIV and he just wanted to 'get it out of the way,'

My face exploded. All. Over. The. Internet.

In retrospect i could, and should, have reacted differently. I should have taken him by the metaphorical hand and tried to walk him back from the very bad idea he had talked himself into. I should have reasoned, and cajoled, and given him the benefit of my experience. I should have helped him. Instead i cussed at him and called him names. I told him that he was a moron and an asshole and a stupid cowardly son-of-a-bitch. I told him that he was trading the true freedom of a healthy body for the illusionary freedom of sexual wantonness, and if he was too stupid to know the difference then he deserved to get sick. I said things and then worse things. I unleashed a stream of vitriol that would have made a biker blush, and before i even had time to register the tears streaming down my face he was gone. Soon his profile was too.

I wish that i knew this kid. I wish that i could talk to him and convince him that he is better being negative. That dealing with the fear of infection is so much easier than the endless doctors visits, and blood tests, and pills upon pills upon pills. I wish i could tell him that having HIV is an epic responsibility. A sacred fucking duty to never let that virus get past you. Because as much as getting HIV sucks, its fuck-all compared to the soul-crushing knowledge that you've failed and fucked up someone's life forever. I know how much it sucks

I've done things in my life that i'm not proud of. Some very bad things.

But I never really knew what Regret was until i failed in my responsibility. And I could never do that again. I couldn't live with myself.

I wish i could tell him that.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Very Mary Kate

Around my house we are all big big fans of a web-series called 'Very Mary Kate,' For those of you who have never seem VMK it is the "Unofficial Biography" of Mary-Kate Olsen; chronicling the adventures of everyone's favorite bed-sheet clad goblin as she navigates through a world of higher educationcorporate sponsorship, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The show is laugh out loud funny. And it's creator, Elaine Carroll is kind of genius. Go watch.
(did i mention that my roommate, Oscar-Eddie, made this awesome doll?)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bug Chaser

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

I'm experiencing neigh Cheeseman-esque levels of enthusiasm this morning, so please excuse and instances of exclamation mark over-usage, or sudden declarations of "It sho GOOD!"

You see i've been cast in a short indie film (very short, 15min or so) called Bug Chaser. It is a horror/splatter/comedy about gay sex anxiety. I play a guy who makes an awful discovery whilst in the middle of a one night stand, and proceeds to make a series of very bad decisions.
it kinda looks like a butterfly

When the idea was first pitched to me i thought "gay-horror-splatter-sex-comedy? that sounds very easy to do very poorly," but i am pleased to report that all doubts have been left in the rear-view mirror. The script is both funny and horrifying, my co-actors are very talented, and the director has a very clear vision for the project.

Not only that, but we had the first day of shooting yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! (it sho good!!!)

I can't wait for tonight! Wish me luck.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Music In The Morning: Philip Glass

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created.

It's haunted me since the first time i heard it. Sometimes I will hear it playing in the back of my mind at unexpected moments. Moments that i know are going to be a part of me forever.

It is heartbreak, and resolution, and doing the thing you have to do... even though you might not be you anymore, once you reach the other side.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Doble Awesome

Hello Travelers!

Last night's Doble Quinceanera was a huge success. Only Ambrosia Salad could take her drag-queen-envy of 15 year old girls and turn it into something magical, and fun for the whole community. The waltz was flawless. Ambrosia looked like an effing princess. It was seriously magical.

(not quite this magical)

And I'll be honest, when Ambrosia pitched this party to me I rolled my eyes and teased her for having an ego bigger than mine. And even though she was asking us to pay for our out fits, and rehearsals for the waltz meant time away from being on my deathbed i said yes (because i love her, and because now no matter what i do for my 30th birthday it's going to look totally reasonable.). But then the rehearsals started and i realized that i was being forced to spend time with 30 or so of my favorite people, none of whom i see as much as i should.

I don't have any great pictures from the actual event yet, but i do have some great ones from rehearsal...
Ambrosia began the first rehearsal by saying 'You will be judged'

Ali has the right moves

Sindri can bend time with his hands

Mica and Monistat are... not impressed

Jacob shows Sindri how it's done.

Thank you 'Brosia. Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music In The Morning: Feist

Happy New Comics Day everybody! See you at CafCom ( i might even be on time today!)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Palm Springs Pride

Greetings Fellow Travelers!

I'm very happy to report that I am home, healthy, and still basking in the glow of another EPIC Palm Springs Pride. You know, it's funny, but I lived in the Desert for a couple of years right after high school and i never really considered Palm Spring's Pride festivities to be anything more than an excuse for the locals to display some rainbow hued arts and crafts (my mom of course, LOVED it.). But it seems in the last few years to have evolved far beyond that.

Owed in no small part to the tireless efforts of Victor Rodriguez, who has busted his ass to bring in some of the most talented DJ's and performers the West Coast has to offer. The centerpiece of this 'new' Palm Springs Pride is the weekend long pool party at the Ace Hotel. It's a perfect blend of debauchery and old school Palm Springs Glamor. The drinks are strong, the music is flawless, and the gentlemen are both handsome and charming. I finally understand why Palm Springs was the destination for the luminaries of Old Hollywood. When you do it right, Palm Springs is a party that just doesn't stop.
(thank you Victor!)

I already can't wait for next year.

Music In The Morning: The Phenomenal Handclap Band

I had an undeniably epic time in Palm Springs for Pride. But I'm excited to be home, and to be getting back into the swing of my routine.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Music In The Morning: Fastball

Little Squirrel and I are headed down to Palm Springs today for Pride and the Ace Hotel Party.

Golden Days, Hot Men, Cocktails By The Pool...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HNY: Appreciation

We come to Honey Sundays for many reasons. Some of us read about it's history-minded, community-oriented Discaires in the crisp pink pages of Butt Magazine, or the glossy leaves of Paper. For others it was a gift, shared by friends or beautiful strangers. Others yet we're brought in by chance, drawn in off the street by by the music, or a stray smile. However we found it, Honey Sundays got inside of us, became part of us. It is our 'Cheers,' a port in the storm where one is certain to see familiar faces and share an evening of laughter and conversation. It is the Church we come to, week after week. A cathedral of spirit, light, and sound where we put movement to music and touch the divine. We come to drink, and to flirt, to dance, and to play. We come to see old friends, and make new ones. We come to be alone with the music and our thoughts, or to share in our community. But week after week we come.

The Discaires of the Honey Soundsystem come back week after week for one reason; to see taunt bodies loosened, to see frowns turned into smiles, to watch empty dance floors filled with bodies that can't help but be moved by the music. They come back for us, and for the love that we show them.

And now they'd like to show us a little love in return.

The Boys at Honey know that many of their biggest fans and supporters are brilliant artists and performers in their own right. And on Sunday November 7th they'll be turning the spotlight on some of these very talented individuals for the First Annual HNY Appreciation Night.

Our regular crew of dedicated crate diggers will be joined by guest discaires RJ Sivulich and Douglas Hiller 

There will be live instrumentation of woods and winds by the classically trained Kevin Devine.

Virginia Suicide and Honey Mahogany will lend their sweet voices to HNY's golden sound 

And those incomparable talents, Glammamore and Vivvyanne Forevermore will share a stage and steal our hearts with guest surprises.

Visuals will be provided by the talented longtime supporter Chris Delbuck 

While world-wandering photographer, Robbie Sweeny, captures every moment for posterity.

The undisputed masters of the "Honey Dancefloor", Tisdale and Mattias, will work the GoGo boxes for your money and your love.

The Noble Negress herself, Artist Malcom Drake, will be giving readings all night (with and without cards).

Hard Frenching trouble-makers, Jorge and Tim, will be tending the Honey Garden 

Outside in the Honey Garden, Honey Bear, Aaron Wessels will be taking portraits in his Bearron photobooth 

And the rear hallway of the Holy Cow will be transformed into a gallery celebrating the works of such San Francisco luminaries as

Jody Jock
Keith Aguiar
Daniel Case
Parker Tilghman
Joel Tan
and Jeremy Novy

All the while your slightest whim will be seen to with geisha-like dedication by your Hostess for the evening, that most delicate of Eastern Blossoms, Miss April Mei Joon.

All proceeds of the door will be donated to the GLBT Historical Society
10pm - 2am // $3 
The Holy Cow // 1535 Folsom btw 11th & 12th

I Voted!!!

(Democracy is once again appeased)

Music In The Morning: PJ Harvey

Last night the Giants won the world series!!!!

Which was awesome.

And then the city erupted in an orgy of vandalism and pyromania. Which isn't 'awesome,' but is totally 'fascinating,'

I was out in it for a while, just appreciating the victory/hysteria. But when people on 16th stopped a bus and tried to push it on it's side I decided my adventuring for the evening was done. Apparently in Baseball, Victory= Certain Death.

Now it's time to get my ass out of bed and vote. See you at the polls!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Music In The Morning: the Decemberists

Happy Halloween everybody! I'm not gonna make it out tonight, but bit by bit i am feeling better. Almost human in fact.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

And Now a Brief Word Our Sponsors

(yes. thank you jon stewart. thank you so much.)

Music in the Morning: The Arcade Fire (and Diarrhea!)

Please forgive me Dear Reader,

I know I haven't been on the internets much in the last few days, but I have been visited once again by my old nemesis, Diarrhea. No one to blame but myself, really. People tell you everyday not to eat raw eggs, but do I listen? No. After baking brownies for the Poz-Luck last monday I, like a moron, went ahead and licked the bowl with such a fierce enthusiasm i was practically giving the middle finger to any local deities governing gastrointestinal disorders.

I mean, it's not like i am somehow unaware that i am prone to ailments of the bowels (this is only the third effing time this year i have gone to the hospital for diarrhea.) I knew it was a bad idea, and i went ahead and did it anyway. It was foolish, and hubristic, and as far as these things go I should count myself lucky i wasn't turned into a spider, or a pillar of salt, or something.

On the whole (no pun) I think i got off light. This was not so much a gastrointestinal holocaust as it was, say, a Brown Shirt march (again: no pun). I've been to the doctor and my symptoms seem to be receding.

Who knows? I might even be fun again before Halloween.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Music In The Morning: 3 Doors Down

Does anyone still remember 3 Doors Down? Huh? Nobody?

Well I had forgotten all about them too until i found myself humming the chorus in the shower right now. It kinda creeps me out when that happens, makes me wonder what else is rattling around in there...

Am I crazy or is this song not nearly as bad as you'd expect it to be?

Either way, Happy new comics day everybody!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Music In The Morning

Last night was kind of ridiculous.

Like "almost got in a fist fight with some dude that wouldn't mind my personal space" ridiculous.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Origin of Love.

I wasn't able to make it to the Bring Your Own Queer festival yesterday but i did make it to the Lex afterward for the after party, where i had the pleasure of meeting John Cameron Mitchell (of whom i was unable to get a clear picture, despite pushing my smartphone into his face twenty or so times) who spun a surprise set.

(not John Cameron Mitchell)

The music was great, the crowd was fun, and I learned a valuable lesson: no matter how hard i flirt with the lesbian bartender, she's not gonna hook me up.

Music In The Morning

EL GUINCHO | Bombay from MGdM | Marc Gómez del Moral on Vimeo.

Watch This.

You'll thank me when your done.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Solid Gold

Last night Vivvy and the gang at SOMETHING gave us 'Solid SOMETHING' their tribute to the Golden Age of Disco... and poop.

I was too far away from the stage at the beginning of the show to get any decent pictures, but it featured Vivvy preforming a disco rendition of Annie's "the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" and Jorge celebrating poop-sex.So perhaps we all win...

April Mae Joone broke gender barriers and took a well deserved moment of personal time.

Motha Chucka rocked out and taught us all a lesson about kitchen science.

 And Vivvy transformed into Viveen More´
Lady Bear stopped by to do battle with the undead, and plug All About Evil.
(where is Lady Bear's other Hand?)

Ambrosia Salad stopped by to plug her incredibly/awesomely self indulgent Doble Quinceanera.
And ended up doing battle with her own inner demons.

Other stuff happened, but i was distracted by cute boys and alcohol. Deal.

Music in the Morning

Roisin Murphey performing with her old band, Moloko.

Around the seven minute mark she starts singing with the crowd and my face explodes.
Every. Single. Time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And now a Brief Word from our Sponsors

I never realized what a break and empty life Waldo was leading.

Music In The Morning

In a way, Sufjan Stevens saved me.

I think I must have been in shock, because I don't remember much about the day I found out i had contracted HIV. I don't remember my friend picking me up from the doctor's office, I don't remember driving around Los Angeles, and I don't remember going to the record store.

But somehow when i walked in my front door i had three CD's in my hand, all from a man i'd barely heard of.

I shrugged my shoulders, loaded the discs into my CD player, packed a bowl and sat down on my floor.

I listened to all three albums (Seven Swans, Michigan, and Illinois), and when they were done i listened again and again.

Mr. Stevens became a comforting voice in the darkness. My only friend in a self imposed exile from the world of sunlight and human company.

He kept me from being lonely, when all i wanted was to be alone.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Music In The Morning

Happy New Comics day gang!

If you are as big a nerd as me you are real excited about the next two installments of Bruce Wayne: The Road Home. If you are as gay as me you are also rocking out to Bette Midler.

(i effing LOVE this movie)

Music In The Morning


I made up my mind last night, I've got two more years in San Francisco and then... I'm not sure. Maybe New York, maybe back to Los Angeles, or maybe i'll go to Europe... London or Berlin.

San Francisco will always be my adopted home. This city saved me, and helped shape into the man that i am. But I wan't to be a great man. I want to conquer the world. And life here is just a little to... easy. I need a city thats going to make me hungry, and keep me on my toes.

But don't despair San Francisco, I could never leave you for long.

You'll always have my heart.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Life in Cloud City

List night was pitch perfect.

One of those nights that pulls you, gently but relentlessly, from golden moment to golden moment. Which exceptionally delightful considering how the day had me kind of plowing through a gauntlet of heavy emotional conversations that touched on every aspect on my life; career, home, family, friends. I was pretty emotionally exhausted by the time I got to Holy Cow. I really would have loved nothing better than to turn around go home.

But this was a special  occasion, a celebration of the music of Patrick Cowley. My friend Ryan had flown all the way from New York to spin and it would have sucked pretty hard for me not to stick around for his set. And I'm effing glad i did. Ryan had a tag team set with Ron Like Hell that had the crowed going crazy. I danced my little booty off with good friends and total strangers all night long. Thats always been one of my favorite parts of Honey Sundays, how it can feel like my family's living room but still bring in sexy amazing people from all over the world, whom i've never met.

And with the move to Holy Cow i think the Honey Soundsystem boys are really hitting their stride. The Paradise lounge had a lot of character, and i had some awesome times there. But Holy Cow is a GREAT space. Good bar placement, awesome sound system, and the dance floor is just the right size. And every sunday since the move has been a home run.

But all good things come to an end. They finally kicked us out the bar sometime after 2am and i drifted back to the castro arm in arm with my ex-husband/brother/friend, Adan. We talked about old times, and the new times. But mostly we talked about how lucky we are to be us, living here, in the time that is now. And what it means to have a front seat to the queer cultural renaissance.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Music In the Morning

Good morning world!!!

I'm sitting here at my desk, surprisingly cognizant after my late-late night of adventure.

First we went to Ambrosia Salad's evening of hosting SOME THING! Where April-Mei-Joon, tranny ascendent, absolutely killed.

Then we danceddanceddanced our little gay butts off at the new Fag Fridays at Public Works until the wee hours.

Now to do some work or whatever...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Where Is Your Messiah Now?

President Chocolate Jesus has done it again.

Yesterday, around four-o-clock, Obama's Justice Department filed a notice of appeal against U.S. Judge Virginia Philips' injunction to halt Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Apparently homosexuals are such alien deviants that fully integrating us into the military requires further 'study,'

Really? More study?

How much study could it possibly require?

We are the only western democracy in the world that doesn't allow gays to serve openly. Can't we just, you know, look around and see what they are doing?

Why don't we just ring up our good friend Israel and say 'Hey guys, you lets the homos have guns... anything we ought to know? They are ALSO willing to die for their country? You don't say? Thats fantastic! Thanks for the info, we'll see you at the next thirty rounds of peace talks,"


I just saved you five years and $30,000 worth of 'studies,'

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

The Great Old One is back, and he wants to sell you deodorant.

Music In The Morning

"Everybody has Somebody,
 Everyone is Alone,
 and we all have a Past.
 That's San Francisco."
 -Matt Picon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Music In The Morning

I woke up this morning and i could smell it in the air. The Indian Summer is receding as surely as the morning tide.

They were golden and glorious, but the dog days are over.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Music In The Morning

This morning we are celebrating new comics day with one of the most awesomely steam-punk music videos ever made.

See you at CafCom!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

National Coming Out Day

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day and given the recent spat of gay suicides, and the blood chilling events that took place in the Bronx last week,  I thought this might be a particularly good moment to tell my coming out story. But I was wrong.

My coming out story is boring.

I was 16 years old. My parents (while not thrilled) were loving. My friends were supportive. I've never been beaten up (for being gay), and I've never been called a fag.


So if you are a blossoming little homo and you've somehow stumbled across this blog i think i'd feel a little disingenuous telling you 'It Gets Better," (though it does little homos, it does).

So instead I'll tell you this, "You are better off,"

You might think i'm crazy, or maybe you think i'm lying, but it's true.

You are lucky to be gay.

It might not look like it from where you are standing, but straight kids have it rough. The vast majority of them already have their lives mapped out for them and they don't even know it. They will graduate, get married, have kids, buy a boat and mortgage a house in the suburbs. They will spend nine hours a day pouring their lives into jobs that leave them empty and unfulfilled. And afterwards they will come home to partners they have been trained since childhood to mistrust and children that are practically strangers. Most of them don't even realize they have any kind of choice; they move from kindergarten to old age, from predetermined role to predetermined role. Some of these people are happy (honestly). And some escape these lives of quite desperation, and forge truly unique paths.

Most of us figure out pretty quickly that we aren't like the other kids. I remember being a kid and feeling like there was a game that everybody else knew the rules for, but i was always half a step behind... until i realized i didn't half to play at all. There are no roles just waiting around for us to step into, we can define ourselves. And if you do have kids, and a boat, and a mortgage it's because you fought for it. No one handed that life to you. You chose it.

Thats why we are lucky.

Because we are free to write our own destinies.

We get to choose.

Music In The Morning

It's unhealthy how much i relate to this song.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Music In The Afternoon

I can't even begin to explain my crazy love for this bluesy White Stripes cover.

This is the music that plays in my dreams.

Decompression yesterday was filed with friends, music, and dancingdancingdancing.

Then i watched the sunrise from mount davidson.

so effing good.

i'm gonna go take a nap now.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Music In The Morning

It's Decompression!

I'm going dancing. You probably won't hear from me until Tuesday (if you don't hear from me by Wednesday, send help).


Friday, October 8, 2010

And Now a Brief Word From Our Sponsor: The Walrus

Happy Birthday Mr. Lennon.

You are missed.

Music In The Morning

Today is John Lennon's Birthday.

And as the Blue Angles scream overhead, a clarion call to war, I sit here in my room imagining Peace.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gay Agenda: It Gets Better

Unless you live under a rock (or you watch Fox News) you are aware of the recent spat of gay suicides and the national conversation that this has sparked. I am particularly taken with Dan Savage's 'It Gets Better' project.

Some of my favorites are below...

You aren't alone guys. It does get better.