Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chilidog: Hiatus

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, three years ago, Chilidog has been the secret sun that my world has revolved around. I met most of my good friends there, or people who would introduce me to my closest friends. It was the location of the first Ambrosia & the Bearnstiens show. It's born witness to break-ups and black-outs, mischief and making out. And now she is going on hiatus, hopefully to return in the new year at a new location.

Come by tonight to say 'until next time' to DJ Stanly Frank and the place that has been my Cheers for the last three years. There is no cover, $3 drink specials, and the 37th 'last' performance of Ambrosia Salad before she flys off to the Mysterious East to confront her nemesis.

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