Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shout Out

I picked up a SFBG on my way to work this morning, and who should be gracing it's cover but San Francisco's very own Juanita More and Juan Garcia, (along with some of the other leading movers and shakers of the Queer Nightlife). This week you can find Juan at his celebration of the mustache, MR. And Ms. More will of course be hosting her weekly party, Booty Call, at QBar tonight and on Sunday she will be presiding over her (amazing, legendary, epic) Pride Pool Party. They are both tireless Social Ninjas that bust their asses to make San Francisco nightlife the non stop adventure that it is today (and i admire them both... more than a little bit) Congratulations guys! You deserve the recognition.

(side note: i scoured the internets for a picture of juanita and juan together, of which i know i've seen eight million... stupid internets.)

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