Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Four Down...

Holy Shit!

This morning Vermont became the first state of The Union to legalize gay marriage by an act of legislature when it's lower house voted 100-49 (the minimum needed) to overturn Governor Jim Douglas' veto of a marriage bill passed yesterday by both Houses of the Vermont legislature.

Vermont joins Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Iowa; all of whom had Gay marriage dictated to them by their Judicial branches.

A few weeks ago, when the California Supreme Court was hearing arguments for and against gay marriage i got into a bit of a... lets call it a 'spirited debate' with my dear friend Rand when i espoused the opinion that perhaps it is not in our best interest to keep winning these victories in the courts. In fact without a legislative or referendum victory under our belts these court victories are hollow, reversible at any time, like Roe V. Wade. But now we have the first true mark of the changing tide. Nothing can stop us.

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