Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mornin- er... AFTERNOON Cartoons

So the other night my boyfriend and i were digging through the depths of our cable providers 'on demand' programing (which we only ever do when we are to tired to think or talk and there is nothing we actually want to watch on). Anyway.

I had forgotten how DEEPLY weird and trippy the Thundercats are. Take the episode below for example, Tygra goes underground to discover the source of mysterious earthquakes, meets a nymph named 'Silkie' who gives him hallucinogenic fruit which turns him into a zombie crack addict. AMAZING. Even the non-drug metaphor episodes are acid-flash-back inducing; the random introduction of characters, strange stilted expositional dialogue, plots that start and stop at random, the way Mumm-ra 'The Ever Living' says his own name in every sentence... This is why everyone in my generation experiments with drugs.

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