Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Beatification of Harvey Milk

Yesterday the California State Senate declared May 22nd to be 'Harvey Milk Day' on a 22-13 party-line vote.

"Not one Republican voted for the bill, which also says the day shall have special significance in public school and other educational institutions and 'encourages those entities to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.' Sen. Dave Cox (R-Fair Oaks) said his vote against the measure had nothing to do with who was involved. 'In school, we ought to concentrate on writing, reading and arithmetic,' he said, adding that the schools don’t need other requirements placed on them by the Legislature. The bill must return to the Assembly for concurrence on some minor amendments before it goes to the governor."

The bill's author, State Assemblyman Mark Leno, was quoted as saying "Both houses of our Legislature have now honored Harvey Milk’s important civil rights legacy, and I am hopeful the governor will sign this bill so that California officially recognizes the message of hope and pride his life inspired."

My friend Tas would tell me that this is empty and distracting, and legislatures have no business declaring any holidays at all, and should focus on more concrete legislation. but i can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy.

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