Saturday, January 29, 2011

Music In The Morning: Dear God

Last night's fund-raising extravaganza at the Powerhouse was a huge success; we raised well over 500$ for Project Inform! Win!

Strangely enough, the highlight of my evening was a conversation i had in the back room with a handsome young man about faith, and how i miss it.

Me and Jesus used to be tight. Like, long-evenings-of-braiding-each-other's-hair-and-talking-about-our-hopes-and-fears tight. And even though these days i'm agnostic bordering on atheistic, i sometimes miss it; the certitude, the ritual, the unshaken knowledge that i was part of a PLAN. That everything was gonna be okay because GOD was On My Side, and... that was nice.

Don't get me wrong, give me the choice and i'll take the Red Pill every time.

But i remember Faith... and it was sweet.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Music In The Morning: Egypt is Burning

Shit is going down in Egypt. Hot on the heels of uprisings in Tunisia which toppled a dictatorship almost as old as me; protests in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza are close to bringing the Mubarak regime to a close.

Confirmed reports are few and far between. But twitter is on fire with rumors that the Egyptian National Museum is burning, Police and Soldiers are clashing in the streets of Cairo, and that the government has blocked access to the internet.

For breaking news check out Reza Aslan's Twitter feed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music In The Morning: Chumbawumba

I awake remarkably unscathed after dollar tequila shot night at Truck (though i don't think most of the members of my household can say the same thing). I swear, sometimes i feel like this town is designed, from the ground up, to punch big gapping holes in your liver.

I think i'm gonna lie low until STEAM on Friday. I'll be scantly clad, slinging jello-shots for Project Inform.

The stuff i do for charity...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where I'll Be Drinking: MLK Weekend

Greeting Fellow Travelers! And brace your livers, this is gonna be a rough one.

Tonight at the Powerhouse is CHICKENBEAR; the in-between party for everybody in-between. Not only is it the birthday of my good friend Mica, but this is the spot where i'll be making my Go-Go boy debut... so come put some slip some dollars in my panties.

After that I'll be running down to Truck where the whole team at COCKTAILGATE is going to be Roasting Suppositori Spelling (bring a splash gaurd, 'cus this is gonna get messy).

And finally i'll be bringing it all home to the Honey Soundsystem's MLK&HNY where our favorite discaires will be joined by Ghostly International's Mike Servino. Just a room full of my favorite people, music to move my soul, and a dream...
lets see if my kidneys will hold up under the excitement.

Music in the Morning: If It Makes You Happy

It's not like i necessarily deserve any better.

I've been a cheater, and a bastard.

I've been careless with gentle hearts.

I deserve the hand i've been dealt, and so much more.

But I wan't to change, I want to be a better man.

I'm will be a better man.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Music in the Morning: Sun of a Gun

Greetings fellow travelers!

I hope your week was half the nonstop adventure mine was (though if you drank half as much as i did this week, i applaud the resilience of your kidneys.).

I've got pictures and stories that i'll be posting later this evening, but for now i's just like to share a new treasure with you...

(okay, i'll admit it; this video makes me want to do drag... who wants to teach me how to do make-up?)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music In The Morning: OH!

It's time once again for everybody's favorite party for dirty dandies...

DJ Taco Tuesday has been busily scouring the internets in search of fresh and dirty beats to feed to all you hungry children (and i still haven't even worked out a look...)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music In The Morning: Gold Dust Woman

I spent a good chunk of last night telling the guy i'm digging on, "I don't know why i put up with you," with a smile on my face.

His response? "I don't know why you put up with me either,"

I think the answer lies somewhere in the fact that he keeps a smile on my face.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hindsight: Cocktailgate Jan/9 (Drama's Birthday)

(Trixie and Spaz getting their Heathers on)
Cocktailgate at Truck is almost always an awesome show, but this week's celebration of Drag Director Drama bin Laden's birthday was particularly delicious. Every number was a tribute to Drama. Either a number he had written, choreographed, or even in a few instances just a number that he had inspired. I was lucky enough to have a seat right up front, next to the birthday boy himself. And i got to experiance all the love and appreciation being showered in his direction. Not only that, but i was the beneficiary of a fair number of birthday shots that otherwise would have seen Drama in the hospital with a nasty case of food poisoning.
(Virginia Suicide gives us some live music realness)

(nothing good comes from shopping at Target)
It's not for nothing that Cocktailgate won Best New Drag Show in 2008. Suppositori Spelling (Spaz to her friends) Is a hilarious hostess, and a tireless performer. Not only that she knows how to curate a great show; mixing fresh new faces with veterans of the stage, and live musical performances alongside performance art pieces and traditional and experimental drag. Spaz calls the whole concoction "Guerrilla Drag" (and there are times you feel like you are in the presence of rebel fighters in lipstick and heels).

This show was extra special. Drama bin Laden is a huge part of our community, and it was plain for anyone to see that in his short time in Cloud City he's made a significant impact on the lives of everyone he knows.

(Trixie Carr shares her Rotisserie Booty)
By the second number i was pretty much in my cups, so i would feel right giving a break down of each number but i've selected some of the choicest of the pics..

(yes Drama, you.)

(did i mention there was pie?)

Music In The Morning: Changes

Somehow it seems that in the last six years I've changed.

I used to consider myself a libertarian, but i now i find myself drifting into progressivism...

Is it San Francisco thats changed me? Or just the winds of time?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Music in the Morning: Afraid of Americans

Yesterday, outside of a supermarket is Tuscon Arizona, a gunman (men?) opened fire and shot Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives, and at least six other people.

This is an incredibly sad day; not only for Rep. Giffords, her family, and the people of Tuscon. This is a sad day for the Republic, and for everyone who believes in representative democracy.

There is a candlelight vigil tonight at Harvey Milk Plaza for anyone who would like to show solidarity with the victims of this tragedy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 200 Greatest Insults of All Time

"A true Gentleman is one who never offends by mistake"
-Oscar Wilde

Those who know me know that I do my utmost best to remain on the good side of everyone I meet. Firstly i don't believe in going around, being a jerk just for the sake of being a jerk. That requires a lot of time and energy, and you never know when someone you've casually insulted is going to be in a position to royally eff with your day. Second, I don't enjoy conflict. And third, i tend to be very forgiving of people's personality quirks. People generally are the way they are, and it doesn't do anyone much good to go around pointing out how much others suck, least of all me.

But occasions do arise when someone needs to be knocked down a peg or two and the only proper course of action is to let someone know exactly where they stand in the universe's grand scheme of things. There is an art to this (an art i have by no means mastered) but to my thinking a good insult should be witty, timely and true. If you find yourself in such a situation i hope you find the material included below to be of some assistance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life in Cloud City

(you next mayor?)
It seems that San Francisco has itself a new Mayor (or, it will on Friday when the Supes vote again). Seven members of the Board of Supes (Alioto-Pier, Elsbernd, Chu, Maxwell, Dufty, and Chiu) have all pledged their support for City Administrator, Ed Lee. Those last three names all come as somewhat of a surprise to those who pay attention to such things, as Dufty and Chiu have both declared their unwavering support for the Progressive's favored candidate, former SF sheriff Mike Hennessey (Sophia Maxwell, the quintessential swing vote, has just been waiting for someone to meet her price...).

If you don't know who Ed Lee is don't feel bad, you aren't alone. City Administrator isn't exactly a high profile job around here, and until last night i don't think he was seriously on anyone's short list for SF mayor. All you really need to know about our new place-holder-Mayor is that he is well liked and widely regarded as competent if not stellar at what he does, and that he is a very close ally of Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Chamber of Commerce. Board President David Chiu was the first defector from the Progressive Alliance. Upon learning that his friend and ally had gone over to the Dark Side, Supervisor Chris Daly's face exploded all over City Hall and he promised to "haunt" Chiu for the rest of his political career, which the always classy Daly followed up with "It's on like Donkey Kong," (you have got to love his reaction, because you know it's true. As long as David Chiu has political aspirations Chris Daly is gonna ride his ass like a hound from hell. If nothing else that man raises holding a grudge to a high art... and i really respect that about him.). Dufty and Maxwell jumped into the Moderate camp late last night after a twenty minute meeting with Prince Gavin.

So now the question is "why?" What did the three Supes get in exchange for their support? Word on the street says that Chiu would love to be District Attorney, a desk at City Hall that currently sits empty with Kamila Harris newly elected to statewide office. And you would have to have spent the last decade in a coma not to see that Bevan Dufty hungers to be Mayor like my puppy hungers for cat poop, and Gavin Newsom's endorsement/donor list will go a long way tword reaching that goal. As for Sophie Maxwell... I honestly don't know what she wants. But i do know that this can only be seen as a political coup for Newsom, who will be pulling the strings in Cloud City for a long time to come.