Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends and Enemies

My dad always told me that you can judge a man by his friends and by his enemies. And i've always put a lot of stock into the idea. If you associate with douchebags, you are yourself a likely candidate for douche-dom, conversely if all the jocks beat you up you are possibly a nerd. So what does it mean for the gay community that our friends are feckless and our enemies so sad and pathetic?

George Alan Rekers is supposed to be a boogie man. He is part of the intellectual heart of the Christian Right, he helped found the Family Research Council (which i won't link to 'cus eff them), and if he was a major advocate of Florida's gay adoption ban. He is supposed to be this titan of bigotry but instead he's just another sad sack that is so afraid of his own desires he tries to control everyone else on the planet that yearns the same way. Just like every pathetic puritan that ever strutted around with buckles on their shoes. This sad sham has been going on for so long it's past cliche. Are there any members of the anti-gay movement that are not themselves self loathing homosexuals? ANY? A single preacher, or politician, or locker room bully? I'm beginning to wonder if there are any straight republicans at all.

How effing sad.

And then we have our 'friends' over at the HRC who decided it was more important to have a shindig for it's Board rather than provide transportation for LGBT vets for their upcoming "Don't ask, don't tell" 'Loby Day,'

First of all guys, Loby Day?


Second, COME ON!!!!!!!

Thats your photo op right there! The vets, themselves, asking for their Representatives for basic rights while cameras click away. Without that you clearly have nothing. Somehow we found ourselves in a position where you and your ilk our our leaders but i don't know of a single person that truly believes in the HRC or has faith in its leaders. So why are they the only game in town?

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