Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updates and Dreamscapes

I know i haven't been on here a lot lately. In fact if this blog was a three year old child protective services would snatch it away from me for neglect.

(which reminds me of the dream i had last night. My mom and her ((non existent)) husband left me in charge of their ((non existent)) three year old child. He was awesome and curious and sweet; I found myself completely taken by the adorable little guy. Everything was fine until the creature pulled itself out from under the ((non existent)) house. It was a terrible thing. Small, dark, and so very hungry. It saw my ((non existant)) little brother and bent itself backwards, and pulled itself inside out until the only way to tell the two apart were the creatures tiny needle teeth.

It chased us and we ran. All through the night it was snapping at my heels, my little brother crying in my arms. I could feel its hunger and it's loneliness, and finally ((out of desperation)) i threw it a handful of raw hamburger. It was still hungry so i gave it the entire contents of my parents refrigerator; pork chops, lamb shank, duck, and lobster. And when it had eaten it's fill the thing with my brother's face climbed into my lap and fell asleep sucking it's thumb.

I woke up before my parents got home. I'm not sure how i would have explained how a monster took the face of their child, or how i came to love the little beast. But i digress...)

The fact of the matter is i've been more then a little distracted with getting myself moved into my new place and the hundred and fifty little projects i've signed myself up for... but i thinking i'm finding a natural rhythm for myself in my new digs. So you will be reading a lot more from me (whomever you might be).

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BryanD said...

i had a really interesting dream the other day as well and my friend said imagine you are every character in the dream. try it...